Chocolate Covered Running Shoes

Yesterday was a blur! Once I made it through the work day, I had to make it to a track workout and bake a dessert for a coworker’s birthday. Here’s how it went:

When I got home, I had 35 minutes before I had to leave for my track workout. Start the clock! I put 2 slices of whole wheat toast in the toaster and got to work on the base layer of my dessert. My plan was to make half before the workout and half after. When my toast popped, I decided to top with butter and I sprinkled some chia seeds on for extra energy. I was channeling an everything bagel– minus the bagel.


The base layer of the dessert is similar to a brownie and uses a cake mix. I whipped it up, spread it into the pan and put it into the oven to bake.

While it was baking, I crushed a package of Oreos using a rolling pin and my pent up road rage from traffic earlier. Jessie: 1, Oreos: 0.


I mixed the oreos with cream cheese to let set in the fridge, pulled the brownies out of the oven, and left for my run.


^My oven is a dark, creepy place where batter goes to become delicious

I barely had time to wash the Oreo chunks off my fingers (ok, lick, not wash) before I got to the track. The workout wasn’t too difficult- 5 1-mile repeats at about an 8:15 pace. I visited with Michele for most of the time about our upcoming races and nutrition- but more about that later.

After the track, I headed home to compile the layers of my dessert. The cream cheese and oreos went on top of the base, and then I poured melted almond bark over the mixture and sprinkled mini chocolate chips on top.


Ta-Da! I put my tower of sugar on sugar into the fridge to set overnight and made some quick dinner.


It was 9 o’clock. Dinner was microwaved leftover salmon and roasted cauliflower. The ketchup blobby to the right was unwelcome in this photo.

Now it’s morning and time to deliver the finished product. My desserts are better than my photography. I sampled it, and it’s perfect- just the way chocolate covered things should be. The full recipe can be found here.


Chocolate always tastes better after a run. Lucky for me, I run a lot, so chocolate tastes good a lot. Grammar not good. Chocolate.

Happy Thursday! Enjoy your runs and whatever desserts come your way.

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